Mazos con Barbaros

The best decks with Los Bárbaros

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These barbarians have come to stay, especially the latter who has arrived relatively recently. Many of you I'm sure you'll use it, in fact, I used it a lot before, but I already have other decks formed.

Now that the barbarians are back, it's time to give them a chance and take out some of the best decks with the barbarians.

Best Decks with Barbarians

Barbarians are ground troops, brought in from Clash Of Clans, who will sweep across the ground with everything that comes in front of them. They're five barbarians, very vulnerable to a fireball. They defend montapuercos, montacarneros and battering batters, and many more, without reaching a tower.

They are more defensive than attack troops, but if the opponent spends that fireball, they can always be used to put pressure on.

Crossbow with Collector

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This crossbow 3.9 cost elixir can be said that in the challenge of the 20 victories of the CRL has been a very prominent deck. It's about placing crossbows and trying to connect one to the tower when the enemy uses his tank, and if you can't defend.

It's a good example of fireball bait.

The Elixir Collector must be used to bathe the the first spell or when the opponent uses it to be able to pomp without a problem. The crossbow, when you see that you have a good push, go ahead with it and try to get it connected to tower. To support you, you have the Tesla in case you need it or even to divert troops like the montapuercos. For air, we have the musketeer, buffeada and quite useful. The barbarians, let us not forget, that from land is the best there is. Ice golem as a tank troop or to withstand some blows. As spells we have the barbarian barrel and the snowball.

It's a good control deck, but no strong spell, so watch that.


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This 3.6 cemetery is quite useful now with goblins hut, for its buff, but you can play with both structures.

Our win condition the cemetery, always tanked by a troop, like the ice golem. The oven to go slowly doing damage or force the opponent to spend a spell. To defend by land, the barbarians; by air the megaesbirro or the musketeer. These three troops are currently heavily used on almost all decks to easily defend pushes. As spells, the barbarian barrel (which can serve as a tank) and the poison, to accompany the cemetery.

Royal Pigs (Fireball Bait)

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This deck also costs 3.6, but is currently referred to as the perfect fireball bait. Many troops to force to defend the opponent with a fireball and if it can not be very dangerous.

We will use the real pigs, divided or together, as you prefer. Both options will be viable if you also have more troops on the field to accompany, such as bats or barbarians themselves. Of course, electrocutators or zappies are also ideal for splitting. The bandit to do a little pressure next to the royal pigs. By air we will also have the magic archer, who if the opponent does not have a fireball can be a very annoying troop. As spells, the barrel

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